New Fashion Film “X” by TBWA and Rankin for Coco de Mer

The film titled “X” uses a series of fast-paced images in order to entice the viewer; using both sensually erotic clips as well as mundane everyday moments, in this new campaign for the London-based lingerie label.

Rankin has collaborated with Walter Campell, the director of “Under the Skin” starring Scarlet Johansson, to produce a short fashion film for Coco de Mer focusing on the theme of eroticism.

“I commissioned them all like for a magazine, and said; you have one or two days to shoot,’” 

The short film is an immersion in erotic fantasies, with no strict story, where everyone watching will be able to perceive something different from the alternating images. The contrast of images from everyday life, nature and various landscapes can be alienated when compared to that of the Coco de lingerie Mer models who have been rapidly thrust between them.

Rankin, the British photographer and founder of Hunger Magazine, had collaborated with a number of talented filmmakers and photographers, including: Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry & Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bronwyn Parker-Rhodes, in order to work towards the concept that was created by Campbell.

Rankin described the creative process for the film at a screening in Paris, comparing it to a magazine: 


“The film is pushing the boundaries of what films can do. It’s not about selling, it’s about you being part of an experience…you can consume imagery very quickly now.”

Rather than sell an erotic dream, the feeling that we want to give people is to be immersed, almost a live experience while viewing images scroll, "says Rankin.

The film was screened in London on May 18th, ahead of the release of the campaign online, in stores and in theaters on May 19th.

“The core of the campaign is Coco de Mer’s real commitment to creating a more vital, more beautiful erotic landscape through which our audience can explore,” said Lucy Litwack, managing director of Coco de Mer.

 "This film takes our obsessions and leads to a higher level, more intense.