Meet the Winner: Alex Turvey


Music videos, fashion films, commercials and short-films. These are just a few of the artistic visual work that the award winning director Alex Turvey has been creating.

Alex's talent has led him to been included in London's "Top Fashion Creatives" by BUSINESS OF FASHION, "Fashion's New Generation" by VOGUE and "Creatives Who Will Define The Future of British Arts"

is represented by INDEPENDENT.
Today we get ourselves a little chat with the man who for two consecutive years has been taking award home from Berlin fashion Film Festival.


#1 Your work was picked up before you even graduated and you have won wide recognition for your TV commercial work and music videos since. What was your secret in getting noticed?

No secrets, honestly it all comes down to a childlike faith creating. I just enjoy bringing ideas that excite me to life, and since a very early age the one constant in my life has been my creative output.

The more you create the more refined your voice becomes and ultimately if you keep pushing, you are likely to end up creating ademand for your own aesthetic.

"The more you create the more refined your voice becomes"


Just keep making, and making for the right reasons… NOT to get press / accolades / views etc... create what excites you and create as often as possible…


always make sure you have one foot in the unknown, every project should be a personal adventure into the unknown.


#2 What kind of visibility do fashion film festivals provide? How have they helped your career?


Fashion film festivals enable an audience to experience films in the medium I intended, i.e. on the BIG screen as apposed to online. Of course the accolades and awards I have been fortunate to collect along the way

have massively helped me continue working in this fantastic genre, I’m very grateful for the positive response to my fashion works over the years.


"HE, SHE, ME" Devonté Hynes & Cherry


#3 You never planned to cross over into fashion film, but your aesthetic was obviously too good a fit to go unnoticed. You're working on your debut feature film now. Can you tell us more about how your experience in fashion film is influencing your new work?


I pay very little attention to the specific markers that define / fashion / music / commercial / art / narrative / film. I treat every project with the same, cautious, boundless approach. Everything I create is guided by my intuition as apposed to defined

by genre specific rules.Of course I have developed my own set of tools and methods over the years and with each project these tools become a little more refined and expansive.


"Fashion film festivals enable an audience to experience films in the medium I intended"


Essentially what I’m trying to say is that I approach every project with the same set of tools / mind set / instinctive approach, so my next project Hollow Earth is naturally a combination of


everything I have shaped and crafted to date. This includes every mistake I have made in both my personal and creative life, this is all part of my process...


#4 What direction do you think you will be taking next?


My focus is shifting toward narrative. Hollow Earth will be a major step forward for my work, and I’m incredibly excited to see this going forward.

I will of course continue to work in fashion and music but I will be careful with the projects and collaborators I choose.


River Island x Georgia Hardinge - Design Forum
- Winner Best Cinematography and Fashion BfFF 2013 -


#5 Alongside your personal creative output you also consult internationally, developing progressive creative strategies for fashion and luxury brands with a focus on digital output. Do you have any specific examples?


I have been working alongside a couple of very exciting brands developing content / film strategy, at this stage I cannot discuss specific projects. 

My personal goal is to raise the quality of film output and the expectations of what ‘Fashion Film’ has to offer as a medium.



- Winner Best Cinematography and Fashion BfFF 2014 -


#6 You started shooting DIY music videos for friends only a few years ago, managing to create elaborate visual fantasy worlds on shoestring budgets.  What advice would you have for someone who’s just starting off and having to deal with shoestring budgets? 


Of course the biggest investment is time. The less money you have the more blood sweat and tears will be invested into your works…

but stick at it, give each project 110% and you will succeed.