On our Fashion Film Friday three different films by Bart Hess, exploring several fields combining material studies, animation and photography. He has a fascination for the human body and the manipulation of it.

His designs transcend the craft, as Hess chooses to extend them through other media such as film, photography and animation.


"Hypnotic motion graphics animation from Bart Hess for the National
Glasmuseum. Bart Hess is a visual artist based in the Netherlands. He seems to
strike an amazing balance of art, commerce, fashion and fine art with
photography, film and animation."
Music: Ricky van Broekhoven
Model: Ras


"A Hunt for High Tech is a collection of conceptual textiles and animations that
seek to harness both nature and technology in an effort to create a new
human/animal archetype. This body of work does not imitate the real animal
kingdom, but creates a fictional world of imagined human-like animal species."
directed by Bart Hess


"When Yatzer first received Bart Hess' latest video for Modebelofte 2011, we
were speechless and in total awe of the slow fluidity and biomorphic approach to
presenting this year's most promising Dutch fashion graduates. In this video,
Hess has created soft-focused, blurred human forms that serve to illuminate and
unify the designs of these up and coming fashion designers."


The Designers included for Modebelofte 2011:
Laura de Wit, Yona van Mansfeld, Amos Tranque, Esther Boskaljon, Natalie de
Koning, Anne Kathrin Bannier, Nicolaas Hein, Latte Mostert, Mattia
Akkermans, Nanda van den Hoek, ZhengZheng Li, Linda de Jong