A Thank You Note From The BFFF Founders


The most important thing in the world is family and love.

(John Wooden)

Five years ago we had an idea: nourishing and cherishing the creative community. It was never thought of as a business, as our priority has always 

lain in bringing creatives together by curating and highlighting strong, well-crafted and emotionally engaging video content.


Five years down the line and our programme has grown to include talks, presentations, discussions and internationally screenings. But our priority remains the same. 

We've seen emerging filmmakers thrilled to be on stage to receive an award, production 


companies signing new talent and brands ecstatic to be learning just what it is possible through video. 

BFFF now isn't just a fashion film event; it's an international family of creatives eager to come together.

"Five years down the line and the BFFF community has grown into an international family of creatives eager to come together."


The BFFF family is what pushes us forward year after year, and we'd like to say thank you. On a day like this we'd like you to know that we are grateful for all the encouragement you've given us across BFFF's four editions.

With only six months to go until BFFF 2016, let us take the time today to say thank you and that we look forward to being together again in 2016.

With all our love,

Nico & Frank


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