Art and skate brought together

The LB Project is a European art project created by Lucas Beaufort, artist and skater, to unite the skateboard community through art shows in Europe.

“It has been created to bring people together for a good cause. Sharing skills, ideas and love for helping each other was the first goal”, states Beaufort.

Everything started in July 2014. The project toured around Europe in cities that are emblematic in the skate culture: it was in Berlin during Bright Tradeshow, then Copenhagen at Street Machine, Barcelona at FTC, Paris at le Point Ephémère and Amsterdam at Ben G.

The final show was in May 2015 in London at Parlour.


Artists hand painted on blank skateboards to make art accessible to people but especially to support Skateistan, a non profit organization that help empower and educate youth through skateboarding.

Half of the boards were offered to Internet users via and the other half were donated to Skateistan, whose members organised a auction sale last June.

The success of The LB Project in Europe motivated Lucas Beaufort to launch a new edition through the US. This time the project brings together artists and photographers

and supports the Harold Hunter foundation, another skateboard organisation based in New York.