An Interview With The Artist: Victoria / Little boots- Taste It


The artist behind the film that won Best Make Up at BFFF 2015


We'd like to know more about 'Taste It, WINNER Make Up at last year's BFFF. can you tell us about the creative process ?

The make up was very much down to the make up artist Holly Sillius who in my opinion is really one of the most forward thinking and creative make up artists working in London at the moment. She has a brilliant eye and knows just how and when to push boundaries and take things to a new exciting place.

She also works across hair and nails which I think is really unique and important to understand and create the whole picture when working on a shoot. She worked closely with the director Ish and art director Marion as every element of the color scheme and set was so important getting it to work together with the music.

Ish Sahotay, the director behind the clip, was very talented and we are very sorry to hear about what happened. Could you tell us more about his work. how did you decide to work together?

Ish was an incredible guy, he had so much energy and vision, we met several times before finalizing the treatment and he was always so full of ideas and determination we had such a great time collaborating.

We were hoping to work together again and had already talked about ideas for a new video, it is so tragic this happened to someone so young and talented and he will be sorely missed.


Can you tell us more about London as a creative city and what it means to you? How has it helped you ?

London is a brilliant place to be a creative as its very intense and competitive so it really pushes you. There's no room for people who aren't 100% committed

and the bar for talent is very high but that's what makes is so exciting. You really feel like you're at the very cutting edge.