The first alternative fashion network

Is mankind compatible with nature ? Do we define art? Or does it define us ? Can love conquer all ? What place does beauty hold in our society ?

The12Project answers those questions by releasing an online video and editorials each month. Each publication introduces a fashion designers’ creation wore by a specific model.


The Love, The Beauty, The Politics, The Senses , The Art, The Identity are some of the other themes explored through the following months. They question the mystery of human being, feelings, actions, appearence and their relationship and dependance with the world.

The project began in March with the theme of birth. Fashion and art are reunited in an photo editorial and a video focused on ‘the miracle of life and those who have been bestowed with the power to bring it into the world: womankind’.


"The idea of The12Project is to show fashion differently, with a meaning and use the collection of a fashion designer as a message"


At the end of a 12 months-cycle, the 12 videos will merge to give birth to a new 12-minute movie. This final short movie will be exhibited with its editorials in Fashion and Video Art Festivals around the world and during an exhibition in Paris in March 2016.

"Since a group of my friends are makeup artists, hairstylists, graphic designers, sound designers, etc. I had an idea to do something together and create a project where we can all do what we love", said Hadi Moussally, photographer and filmaker, who founded The12Project.